Message From the Outgoing Chair

Dear Friends of Parents Helping Parents, Inc.

I am excited to provide you with Parents Helping Parents First Annual Report. Parents Helping Parents, Inc. (PHP, Inc.) was established in 2001 by a dedicated group of parents desperately searching for support and resources during their children’s struggle with substance use disorder. With a heartfelt thank you and gratitude for this small group of parents, their vision for Parents Helping Parents, Inc. has bloomed into an organization now able to help families throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, and virtually.

The main focus of our mission is establishing chapters to connect with parents at a local level. We currently carry out this mission with chapters in Oklahoma and Kansas. In 2019, we established two new chapters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The cost to open a new chapter is approximately $7,000.In June we took a leap of faith and launched a virtual chapter, reaching approximately 1500 parents in the first three months. This online chapter enables us to reach parents in rural areas of Oklahoma, and across the country, who

Robbin Parrish

are searching for help and support. The Anschutz Foundation and the Daily Oklahoman generously provided PHP, Inc. with a $10,000 grant allowing us to open this virtual chapter. The potential of this online chapter is limitless, yet our core mission remains establishing local chapters for in-person connections.

As you review the Annual Report, our hope is it will remind you of recent successes and energize you for the future as you envision the mission of PHP, Inc. in 2020. For you who have tirelessly committed time and energy to building PHP, Inc. I thank you. For the many of you who are new, I welcome you to PHP, Inc. I am looking forward to working with you in 2020.

We are looking forward to another year of growth and productivity as we design and implement innovative ways to reach Oklahoma parents, providing the education and support they are searching for.



Community Outreach


Outreach throughout our state is critical to our mission. To reach parents, non- profit organizations, local and state entities, and related business and corporate representatives, we are active in the following areas of outreach:


  • Involvement

    • We participate on state and local boards, and advisory boards. We also participate in conferences which allows us to network on local, state, and national levels. For example, in November 2018  we attended the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health Conference which provided opportunities to network and speak about PHP, Inc. on a national level.


  • Workshops

    • We partner with Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to provide workshops for parents with children who struggle with substance use disorder. PHP, Inc. provides funds for the facilitator and materials. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids provides the training for facilitators.


  • Outreach/Communication

    • We participate as exhibitors at mental health and addiction related conferences, workshops, special events, and more to make others aware of our programs and services. Some of these include:

      • ODAPCA Conference-Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselor Association.

      • ODMHSAS-Prevention and Recovery Conference-Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

      • National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health- Houston.

      • ODMHSAA-Suicide Prevention Conference-Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.


  • Awareness

    • Through our chapters, we provide speakers for our parent meetings. These include representatives from the mental health field, related non-profits, and persons in recovery.


  • Resources

    • We provide an abundance of resources including, free lending libraries, a parent/caregiver resource page on our website, information provided in our quarterly newsletter, in-person support, and connections at local chapter meetings.


  • Special Event

    • We generate awareness and education through our annual fundraising special event, Hopeful Horizons, which features speakers related to our cause.


Chapter Development

PHP, Inc. continually seeks out and encourages development of new chapters. To give startup chapters the best opportunity to become sustainable chapters we provide the following:


  • PHP, Inc. board volunteers and the executive director often speak with parents who are interested in establishing Parents Helping Parents chapters. If requested, we will travel to their community to talk about the possibilities and requirements to establish a chapter. To ensure that startup chapters can be sustainable:

    • The PHP, Inc. board has published a chapter manual to include all pertinent information with regards to establishing a chapter.

    • The PHP, Inc. board has written and approved by laws for established chapters which must be approved by the chapter's board of directors.

    • The PHP, Inc. board has written and approved a chapter agreement.

  • We provide guidance in materials for startup chapters.

    • Our board volunteers and the executive director make ourselves available to help with finding locations, speakers, and local contracts as preparation begins to establish a new chapter.

    • We provide a free lending library of books for our startup chapters.

    • We provide a chapter phone and business cards for our start up chapters.

    • We provide our startup chapters with funds to purchase their first year of liability insurance once they are incorporated.

    • We provide our startup chapters with funds to purchase their first year of liability insurance once they are incorporated.

  • Virtual Chapter

    • In May 2018 we launched a virtual chapter to ensure that parents in Oklahoma and across the nation have an opportunity to attend a chapter meeting two times each month.





  • We attend awareness gatherings at our State and US Capitals which are related to our cause.

  • PHP, Inc. board volunteers and parents take advantage of opportunities to speak at hearings and conferences on local, state, and national levels.

  • PHP, Inc, board volunteers and parents participate on local and state boards and advisory groups which relate to our mission to ensure that policies include consideration for parents of children who struggle with substance use disorder.

  • PHP, Inc. board members and chapter representatives provided presentation about our organization to more than 500 participants at conferences, school fairs, and educational events.

Hopeful Horizons

Our second annual fundraiser, Hopeful Horizons, was held on May 9th, 2019. It is an evening of connections, hope, and joy, where families and supporters from all chapters connect for an inspirational evening. This year’s

event was held at the Oklahoma History Center with local television personality, Lucas Ross, as emcee and guest speaker and author Sandy Swenson. We are proud to announce attendance increased 35% and net income was 33% over the 2018 Hopeful Horizons event. We had more than 50 sponsors who contributed to the success of this evening. Plans are underway for the third Hopeful Horizons in May of 2020.

Financial Summary 2018-2019

Message From the Incoming Chair

I begin my two-year term as Chair of the Board of Directors – with fear and trepidation AND gratitude, excitement, and hope.

I’d like to thank Robbin Parrish (out-going chair of the BOD) and Becky O’Dell (Executive Director) for their leadership over the past two years. In a short time, we have made great strides: two start-up chapters on the verge of incorporation, the Virtual Chapter, two successful Hopeful Horizon special events, updates to by-laws, liability insurance comparison shopping, grant and contract proposals and maintenance, website and social media presence, promotional materials, tabling, advocating, and much, much more.

I am also grateful for the hard work of the members of the PHP, Inc. board in supporting and contributing to all of this activity: the monthly board meetings, the committee meetings, the tabling, the e-mails, the communication, the contacts, the coalitions. Their dedication, vision, and quest for innovation is remarkable.

I also deeply appreciate the work our two main-stay chapters (the Edmond Chapter and the Norman Chapter) perform on the ground. It is to support this work that PHP, Inc. exists. They offer

Hugh Benson

extraordinary support to the parents (and families) of children of any age struggling with substance use disorder – with resources, education, and shared experience. They do this by volunteering their time and treasure to participate in bi- monthly meetings, local coalitions, tabling events, and helplines, to create and maintain Edmond’s help textline and phone app, and to foster Norman’s relationship with NPS and NPD. But most of all they put a face on substance use disorder and its impact on the family. And they work every day to stomp out the stigma and shame too often associated with the disorder.  They know that incredibly caring and loving parents with awesome children are struggling. They know that they need help, not blame.

And finally, I am grateful to all of you who support PHP, Inc. with your time and your treasure. We could not do what we love without your support, and for that we are deeply grateful.

I am exceedingly honored to be a part of this group of people and to begin my term as their chair. My vision for the future is to not mess things up (hence the fear and trepidation), but more positively to continue our recent success. I hope to increase the impact of our Virtual Chapter and to see gradual chapter growth – perhaps two a year. Actual face-to-face support and hugs are essential to addressing the stigma and shame. We have parents interested in the Tulsa area and in Lawton. But the further away we get from the OKC metro, the harder it is for us to offer the kind of hands-on support that the volunteers trying to start chapters need in their initial months and years. So ultimately, my hope is for regional, part-time staff who could help with the start-up of new chapters and support them in their first few years by promoting the meetings and helpline, and establishing contacts with the schools, law-enforcement, local coalitions, religious institutions, etc. But in brief my hope is to expand PHP, Inc. so that it can offer its unique brand of resources and support to anyone seeking help for their family – in Oklahoma and beyond.  Perhaps this hope is too grandiose.  But we see miracles every day.

Thanks for everything you do!

Parents Helping Parents, Inc.

Board of Directors



Hugh Benson

Vice Chair

Bill Guy



Mindy Fuzzell



Kirk Morrison


Past Chair

Robbin Parrish



Carin Eisenhauer

Dustin Huckabe

Judge Michael Tupper

Executive Director

Becky O'Dell