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Handy Section-Cut-Face Toolbar for Your SketchUp Design


Feb 07, 2020 Hi, I'm using Sketchup 2018 and want to create a section plane. (Yes, I know I have three other options . I want to keep the section plane in edit mode so that I can move it with the cursor etc. How can I get this? I cannot seem to have a separate selection during running. It always appears on the same object. Any help would be much appreciated. A: The process is a bit convoluted, but it's quite a common project, and Sketchup has provided a good tool for it. For example: If you right click on your model, you can hit a feature called ‘Extrude Profile Mode’. In this mode you can extrude out the faces of your model, like so: Then you have the option to cut out the extruded faces and see what you get: To make a section cut, you do exactly the same thing. Clicking on a face extrudes it, and you can extrude any number of parallel faces by holding down the control key. Then, when you see a new face that you've extruded, you can click it to create a new face in another (or the same) plane. In the next image, I've extruded a series of four faces, and made a section cut in each one. I can move these planes, rotate them, remove them, and view them all separately: Unfortunately it's not clear if you can create a section cut in one part of a model and a section cut in another part without deleting the first, so you may have to delete them individually. On a final note, if you have an addon like the one you mentioned, this really shouldn't be a problem, you can always include this as an option in the undo/redo window. Before the time of Victor Hugo, there was a man by the name of Jean le Secq. A Frenchman who lived in the 15th century, he wrote a book titled Le Testament de la Bible, which was a condemnation of corruption in politics. The Archbishop of Paris ordered that he be burned at the stake. No one else was brave enough to burn his book, so it was done in secret. Read about this improbable event in Pertinax's Book. My Philosophy: Le Secq's

Section Cut Face Plugin Mar 14, 2018 Download Section Cut Face Plugin in SketchUp You can Download here. I also found this plugin on SketchUp. Dec 16, 2017 File can be found here: Oct 12, 2019 You can create Section Cut face within SketchUp by making Section planes on faces or using extrusion. Mar 21, 2017 Hi, I was trying to install the section cut face plugin but I couldn't see the section faces in the plugins section on the SketchUp toolbar. I could Oct 28, 2017 The section cut face plugin is easy to use. Click it and put the section line up where you want it. Then, scroll your view to create the cuts. May 5, 2019 If you put the section cut face on a closed face, then you can use it to create section views of that face. Oct 12, 2019 Section Cut face plugin. 2 Likes. blasoc December 15, 2018, 11:01am #10. Hey I tried to download and installed the tigs section cut face, tig hedges, and tig hedges starter - Sketchup, . Aug 6, 2016 TIGs SectionCutFace Plugin. 2 Likes. Lilian July 6, 2016, 6:34pm #8. How to use the section cut face extension: Select Section Cut Face from the Extensions menu in SketchUp. Jun 9, 2018 I just installed the section cut face plugin for sketch up and the toolbar options for section face cuts are missing. Feb 17, 2019 I just installed the section cut face plugin and i do not see a section face option in the tools section of my toolbar. Apr 21, 2018 I downloaded and installed the section cut face extension from . I have used many different plugin such as the section cut face in Sketchup, . Dec 24, 2017 Hi. I use the tigs section cut face plugin. But where to find section face tool in the . I cannot find it on the toolbar and in sketchup tutorial. Mar 18, 2017 Section cut face plugin in SketchUp. 2 Likes. SCF. 2 Likes. Mansour_Khomami May 18, 2017, 5:23pm #7. Download from the link below: Third-party tools


Handy Section-Cut-Face Toolbar for Your SketchUp Design

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