"Parents Helping Parents gave me a reality check. I was in denial and didn't know much about substance abuse. I learned a lot in a hurry, through the speakers, Parents Helping Parents resources, and the wonderful parents that I met at the meetings."  - Margot H.

"During our darkest moments with our addicted child attending the Parents Helping Parents meetings gave us hope where we had none. It was very comforting to be around other parents who were dealing with many of the same issues as we were. In addition, we were given resources that we never knew even existed, that was priceless."  - Pat N.

"From the day I first walked through the doors of a Parents Helping Parents meeting my life started to get better.  I met good parents with good kids who had the same – but different – problem that I did.  My life did not get fixed that day.  It has been a long steady climb.  But it has been a continual process in the right direction. I think the most important thing that PHP does is it keeps parents from feeling alone.  There are others who know how they feel and what they are going through and there are professionals who can help (but not fix)." - Hugh H.

"One of the things that I’ve learned though attending Parents Helping Parents meetings, through attending AL-ANON is that you can’t control others. You can only control yourself.  You can work on making yourself healthier; you can’t work on making other people healthier.  Perhaps making yourself healthier will affect the health of those around you.  If I could have fixed my son, if I could have cured his disease I would have... But I couldn’t fix that and nobody else could. As I’ve gotten healthier, my son has probably gotten healthier."