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previously recorded PHP Virtual Chapter meetings.

October 21, 2019           Linda Morgan, Referral Relations Specialist for Healing Springs                                         Ranch, Tioga, TX discusses ensuring better outcomes for the                                               addicted loved one.


October 7, 2019            Patti Mason


September 23, 2019     Chris Neal discusses self compassion and resilience. 


September 9, 2019       Jessica Stoops 

August 19, 2019           Karen Mannix discusses the value of being flexible in recovery                                          and change.


August 5, 2019             Dustin Huckabe, President of Students in Recovery at the                                                University of Oklahoma, speaks about collegiate recovery                                                    programs.

July 15, 2019                Joe Pellow of Pellow Outreach speaks about codependency                                              and enabling.

July 1, 2019                 Chotsie and Tyler Barnes, Director of Recruitment of Hope

                                     is Alive Ministries and pastor of Thrive Community Church,

                                     speak about maintaining hope while in dark places.

June 17, 2019              Stephanie Morcom, Outreach Coordinator for Ambrosia                                                   Treatment Center and Interventionist at Life Choice Interventions,                                       speaks about the power of family in recovery.


June 3, 2019                 Brian Anderson, Rob’s Ranch Program Director, speaks

                                     about codependency.